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Leadership is Not a Solo Sport - Leverage community and think-tanks.

Remember that old adage- two heads are better than one?

When I started leading, I didn’t fully appreciate how powerful this statement could be. I was all about creating the “me” factor: showing what I knew, what I could accomplish. I wanted to show that my leaders made the right decision by hiring me. I was making leadership a solo sport.

And although I was scared at first, the need to prove myself overpowered that fear. I wish it hadn’t, because that fear would have made me a better learner and better leader. And I would have reached out to my community.

As I evolved in leadership roles, I learned that to be a great leader, I need to harness the power of teamwork. I slowly created communities of peers, experts and contributors to help shape my decisions, processes, and even my thinking. These connections created so much space for me to broaden my thinking in many ways:

· Respecting different perspectives and style from me… and how they can help me shape a more well-rounded perspective

· What I can learn from “devil’s advocates”

· Giving me a push to think bigger and bolder

· A more diverse, equitable and inclusive mindset

In addition, I discovered my love for “think tank” sessions. Where I get trusted minds that think differently from me and we imagine, create, solve and discover. It involves some facilitation, but a great think tank can lead to out-of-the-box discoveries and possibilities.

When I have a community, I have more well-thought-out plans, more inclusive environments, bigger, broader goals with a better thought-out plan to implement. I am a continuous learner, I am more curious, and I am more fulfilled in my work.

Does this sound like something you need? Here are some ways you can get started today:

· Find leaders you trust and respect- you want to have the real, authentic conversations

· Get a well-rounded group: look at DiSC or other profiles to assist you

· Add some who think and work differently from you- a little tension can be healthy!

· Look for different levels of experience

· Make sure you have a diverse team

Leadership is not a solo sport, and two heads are really better than one. And just think of who you can become with the help of your community.

To join a coaching circle: click here Coachingcircles | The Sinha Group

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