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New in 2024... HERPath: The Podcast for Busy Women Looking for Purpose, Health and Happiness.

One of the exciting new offers we have coming in 2024 is our new podcast!  “HERPath:  The Podcast for Busy Women Looking for Purpose, Health and Happiness” is a new venture with three other amazing coaches and will kick off on Monday January 2, 2024. 

Here is the premise:  4 successful female life coaches with different backgrounds and expertise discuss a variety of issues impacting busy women in today’s hectic world.  We take a conversational approach and share our own journey, work within our separate niches of expertise, and recent studies.   

Topics will be wide-ranging yet impactful for women of all ages and stages of their lives.  Topics from Overcoming Mental Blocks, Imposter Syndrome, Self-Trust, I Hate Dieting, to Our Minds Can be Assholes, Creating Healthy Routines, and Looking to Nature for Answers. We will bring our vulnerable and authentic selves to every episode.  We will discuss books that have inspired us and topics that light us up.  We will laugh, get fired up, and cry.  All feelings are welcome and embraced.  

We are creating a space where listeners can feel a sense of community, dive into topics that support our living our best lives, find helpful tips, solutions and experiences. 


Elise Sinha, MS, RRT- Women’s Purposeful Life and Career Coach 

Beth Boschee, RN: Wellness Coach Finding Freedom Through Food.  Beth’s calming approach and coaching will fill you with kindness, grace and self-love. 

Gaby Arias, MD, MPH: Weight Loss Coach.  Gaby cares deeply about her clients, brings her passion to every conversation, instills in us so much useful information, and is never afraid to speak the truth! 

Nancy Despres, RN: Transformational Coach Specializing in Menopause.  Nancy is a brilliant listener, healer and has a gentle and loving approach to challenging your thoughts. 


So here has been some of our thoughts throughout the planning phase: 

Have we done this before?  No.   

Do we know what we are doing?  Not really.   

Will we make mistakes?  Yes. 

Will we get better over time?  Yes 

Will our first few episodes be clunky and uncomfortable?  Sure will! 

But- do we believe in the power of women coming together to share conversations on important topics that can help women everywhere?  YES WE DO! 


The podcast will Launch on January 2, 2024, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and wherever you get your podcasts!  We’d love for you to listen, subscribe and tell your friends.  And stick with us- our episodes will only get better and better! 

Looking forward to starting off 2024 with a new path....HERPath! 

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