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How Coaching Saved My Vacation

Vacations are important to me and my family.  It’s the one time we can just be: our little family, enjoying each other, and blocking out the day-to-day pulls.  We make a big deal of them with planning, research and everyone gets to participate.

A few weeks ago, we took our big trip to Panama.  We did extensive research and planning to make sure it was the best vacation.

A week before we left, I got sick.  I have a chronic illness, and this was a bad flare-up. I did my best to optimize myself before we left and took all precautions.

Sadly, my health did not improve while we were there.  I had to sit out several excursions with my family, and if I’m being honest, I just felt miserable.

I started to get all caught up in my mind- what if this is the way it’s going to be now?  What will my future look like?  Will we have to stop travelling?  You know I often say, “our minds are assholes”, and mine sure was then.

On my third day sitting out the fun stuff, my coach texted me asking me if I wanted to meet. I jumped at the offer.  During our session, she reminded me to do a few things:

  • Let me be in the suck: I don’t have to put my rose-colored glasses on all the time.  I’m allowed to feel bad and just be in the suck and I needed that permission.

  • Questioned my thoughts vs reality: As my mind was spinning, I had blurred the lines of thought vs. Reality.  Had I really been sick more than well these last 2 years?  Is my disease worse than before?  I had some hard truths to discover.

  • Kept me in the present, not making up stuff in the future: I had forecasted an entire life of suffering and missing out.  She helped me stay in the here and now and not make stuff up about the future.

  • Helped me realize some joys and silver linings:  Although I could not go on the fun adventures, my coach helped me see what was right in front of me:  a beautiful resort with amazing views, exotic birds, beautiful rainbows and a lovely pool that I could enjoy all day.

  • Made a plan to make a plan to live and thrive in the new reality: This is the work we are doing now that I am back and feeling better, and it is empowering and freeing to take charge in a different way.

  • Showed me kindness, grace and caring: She was so gentle with me, allowed me to feel my feelings, and put her whole heart into my situation.  That meant the most to me.

This work allowed me to gain control of my mind-gone-wild, and it brought me a sense of peace that I had a plan moving forward.  I was able to enjoy the rest of trip despite not feeling well and capture amazing memories with my family.  We found some excursions that I could do, and my kids revealed detailed stories from the adventures I missed. We left Panama grateful for the experience, in love with the country, and have vowed to return.  My heart is full, and I’m forever grateful for my coach and her amazing skill and talent.

My lesson that I share with you?  We coaches are always here for you.  For big goals, significant issues, and unexpected interferences.  Don't be afraid to use us whenever the need arises.  Just-in-time coaching can change your experience for the better...wherever you are.

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