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  “ Elise is an incredible mentor and coach for new executive leaders. Elise’s ability to build trusted relationships and deep knowledge of the organization, values, culture and norms allows her to coach seasoned senior leaders to navigate a complex, highly matrixed organization. In my personal experience, as a new c-suite leader, Elise quickly helped me assimilate to the organization’s culture by asking probing questions, helping me to connect dots, ensure visibility and understanding of the political landscape of the organization.


In addition, she served as a coach to two of my new senior nursing leaders, supporting them as they acclimated to their new roles and helped them understand how to position their roles, navigate the organization and share their strategy while ensuring support from key stakeholders. Elise’s special ability to understand what is needed to help senior leaders succeed in their roles is unbelievable – she is a strategic thinker, dedicated professional, and continues to be a trusted advisor to me and my team. ” 


Amanda Richards

 Chief Nursing Executive

 Intermountain Healthcare

Elise Is an indispensable and trusted thought partner, coach, and guide for new and seasoned executives.  She quickly helped me assimilate into a strong culture and create my vision, strategy, and structure for success as a new hospital president.  She created a trusting space for me to share vulnerabilities through asking probing questions to understand my personal circumstances, offering opportunities to consider and building my confidence.  Her strategic thinking and navigation skills not only helped me cement my place in the organization but also allowed me to position my team for success.  Our conversations were personal, powerful, and productive.   I appreciate her style, approach, and professionalism and highly recommend her as a true servant leader. 


William Jennings

President of Saint Vincent’s Medical Center

“ Elise is someone who quickly establishes strong rapport with those she works with and for. Whether it is in individual one-one-one executive coaching sessions or facilitating larger all-team meetings, Elise brings her unique capabilities to cultivate a safe and constructive learning environment. With these skills coupled with her solution-oriented and pragmatic approach, Elise has, time and again, helped individuals and teams navigate and remove barriers while focusing on ways to achieve breakthrough results. Through her authentic and transparent leadership, Elise empowers and instills confidence at all levels, and is considered a trusted advisor by many. 


Tracy Chruch

 Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer

Hartford HealthCare

     Elise has been an integral coach and leader in my professional and personal growth. She has shown me my ability to lead with confidence and to be a driven and results-oriented leader.  She provides me with constant coaching/feedback on opportunities. She leads with a purpose and confidence that I truly admire and cherish the time she has given to me to grow into new leadership positions and opportunities. 


Diana Zysk

 Program Manager,

Jane Street Capital

 Elise is the most influential leader and mentor I have worked with throughout my career. She has the ability to identify hidden strengths and opportunities in others while cultivating a safe environment to explore and develop actionable next steps for growth. Elise has successfully guided me through multiple promotions, career changes, and complex situations. As a result of Elise’s guidance and coaching, I have achieved career success and am proud of the leader I've become.

James Helbling  

Director, Process Improvement

Yale University 

        Elise helped me work through different elements of my career that helped develop my skillsets along with the ability to help guide others. I’ve also been able to talk through how to present certain updates and where to ask questions to gain feedback from the team that, allowed for better collaboration efforts. I’ve been able to go to Elise for questions even after our formal mentoring was completed, which has helped me as I grow within my organization and my career. 


Cara Svaboda 


CVS Health 

I have done 2 retreats with Elise, and I would love to tell you how amazing the experience for me it has been.  Elise has an innate ability to help you to see exactly what you need to grow not only your business, but to grow yourself into a leader in your own life.  Her gentle demeanor shines through in her coaching.  Gentle yet steady and focused, she helps you to break through your own barriers and create a path that leads you to your own greatness.  I am definitely going to continue working with Elise, our relationship has completely transformed my life. 

I highly recommend working with her.

Nancy Despres, Business Owner and CEO 


Elise is a powerful leader, dynamic facilitator and highly effective coach. She helped me create authentic goals that are aligned with my business mission and values. She easily identified areas for improvement while addressing overwhelm to reduce stress in a gentle and nurturing space.  She uncovered the source of my fears and has helped achieve several paradigm shifts within how I approach not only my business but my life. This has been incredibly valuable and has completely transformed how I operate in the world. Her focused and effective coaching style helped me identify and implement strategies that allowed me to take my business to the next level.  

Run, don't walk to work with her!

Beth Boschee, CEO 

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