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High Performing Teams

People are an organization’s greatest asset. I excel at designing, developing and maintaining high performing work teams, growing colleagues and mentoring for growth and development. Let me show you how to create a team of highly engaged highly motivated superstars that move your mission forward with positive energy and discretionary effort.

Cultural Transformation

Culture can make or break an organization.  Let my vast experience with cultural transformation move your organization or team help you shift your culture to one that supports your mission, vision and values and creates an environment of success and alignment.

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Strategic Planning and Strategy Deployment

Throughout my work in healthcare, I have lead groups through strategic planning, and created processes for leaders to define their vision for the future and develop objectives and goals.  Once the plan is developed, I create a comprehensive process for deployment and success.  I can help your organization create their plan and execute it to move your business forward. 

Additional Programs Offered

  • DiSC

  • 5 Behaviors of Cohesive Teams

  • Leadership Practice Inventory 360 Feedback

  • Program Management and Alignment

  • Change Management

  • Leadership Principles

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