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Transformative Career Coaching for Ambitious Women

As a certified career transformation coach, I specialize in empowering busy, career-driven women like you to forge a clear and fulfilling path towards living a purpose-driven life.

Navigating Career Challenges
A Focused Approach

Rock in Sand


Feeling swamped despite hard work? Let’s address it.

Winding street


Seeking a custom career path? We'll craft it.



Got success but lost direction? We'll find it.

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Confused about choices? Gain clarity together.

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Need to reflect? Explore in a safe space.

Together at the Top


Ready to take charge? Empower your career.

Meet Elise Sinha

Leadership and Executive Coach Expert 

I provide my clients with a psychologically safe environment to explore, empower, and achieve their highest goals and possibilities. 


Through understanding how your thoughts impact feelings, actions, and results, I work with my clients to discover and unlock hidden potential and purpose.


I provide a positive and supportive environment with patience and kindness to achieve transformation.


Coaching Packages

Embark on a career-defining journey with The Sinha Group's coaching plans, tailored for ambitious women like you.


Guided by a certified career transformation coach, our programs are designed to help you navigate through career uncertainties and discover a path that fulfills both your professional ambitions and personal well-being.


Through our plans, you'll gain clarity, align your career with your talents, and find work that nourishes your soul. Let's unlock the potential of your career and steer you towards a life of purpose and satisfaction.


Begin your transformative journey today and step into a career that resonates with your true self!

Coaching Plan Features
6 months
9 months
12 months
12 months
1:1 Coaching Sessions
Thought Model Journey
Career and Leadership Coaching
Coaching Circles (8 Weeks)
Personal DiSC Assessment
Leadership Practice (360 Feedback Survey)
Vision to Reality Course
Behaviors Cohesive Team
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Coaching Circles

The Sinha Group brings you an exciting opportunity, coaching circles, next Cohort starting this winter, the week of January 29th. In these circles, you will create safe communities, explore women's leadership issues and trends, and tackle pain points in your career while evaluating your current and future career goals.  At the end of these circles, you will have more confidence, belonging, and inclusion, and improved clarity and purpose. 

Join our 8-week coaching circles to discover yourself, create your vision for your future, and create your community of like-minded women leaders. 

Consulting Services


I’ve created a framework of customized retreats to take your personal and professional journey to the next level.  These retreats will offer many ways to grow and are infused with wellness activities, healthy eating, and of course- FUN.  We will pick a beautiful spot, and there will be structured and unstructured time each day.  The evenings will be planned by our guests for fun and relaxation.



From Vision to Reality: Cultivate self-love, banish self-doubt, and build confidence.

From Vision to Reality: Transform dreams into actionable plans with coaching and support.

Creating Your Purposeful Living Protocol: Craft a life protocol for purposeful living and dream fulfillment.

Team Building and Cultural Transformation: Foster team unity and trust through proven collaborative strategies.

Sample Day

7 to 9am - Breakfast and Wellness

9 to 12pm - Working time (Deep dive questions, group think, developing your vision)

9 to 12pm - Lunch and wellness

2 to 5pm - Working time (Coaching, Roadmap development, vision boards, closing reflections)

Evening: Each participant picks an evening active such as: Dinner on the beach, horse and buggy tour, to tarot card readings!

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“I have done 2 retreats with Elise, and I would love to tell you how amazing the experience for me it has been.  Elise has an innate ability to help you to see exactly what you need to grow not only your business, but to grow yourself into a leader in your own life. 

Nancy Despres, Business Owner and CEO

Lets Connect and Work Together

Click Below to Book a Free 1 Hour Meeting to Discuss How I can help you!

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 “Elise’s special ability to understand what is needed to help senior leaders succeed in their roles is unbelievable – she is a strategic thinker, dedicated professional, and continues to be a trusted advisor to me and my team.” 

Amanda Richards

 Chief Nurse Executive, Intermountain Healthcare

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