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Everyday Wellness: The Bingo Card Challenge

Wellness and well-being are hot topics these days. And for a good reason: according to the American Psychological Association’s 2021 survey, “71% of the workforce feel tense or stressed during the workday”. The recognition and publicity of wellness has been refreshing and long overdue. And while you can search endless articles on achieving well-being, it can be overwhelming to put into practice.

Let’s break down these two concepts. Wellness refers to intention, action, and activities with physical and health-based components. Well-being is more of a perception, including medical and emotional aspects of satisfaction and fulfillment.

My dear friend Bridget and I were looking for small ways to weave wellness activities into our busy, hectic lives. We were (and still are) short on time and juggling multiple priorities daily. It had to be easy, guilt-free, and fun. And Bridget and I LOVE a competition. We developed a “Wellness Bingo” card- a simple and fun way to keep each other and ourselves accountable for daily wellness activities.

What was in our bingo card? A wide range of activities to improve our well-being, including:

  • Time in nature

  • Meditation and journaling

  • Food and nutrition

  • Goals and asking for help

  • Movement and sleep

  • Social engagement

  • Self-kindness and gratitude

Here’s the great thing about our bingo card. It’s just like the game: you don’t have to do everything every day! Pick three things- make a row, column or diagonal. Switch it up, try new things, and explore what works best for you. You can do it with friends and family, or by yourself.

I am sharing our tool with you to help improve your sense of well-being. I hope it helps you make small steps toward greater wellness like it did for us!

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