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Excited to unveil The Sinha Group Retreats in 2024!

Updated: Apr 3

Dive deep into personal and professional growth with our custom retreats, combining wellness, healthy dining, and fun. Enjoy beautiful locations, structured growth sessions, and evenings shaped by you for leisure and laughs.

Upcoming retreats:

Embrace Self-Love: Overcome imposter syndrome and boost self-confidence.

Vision to Reality: Turn dreams into actionable plans with coaching and peer support.

Purposeful Living: Craft a life protocol for fulfilling your dreams.

Team Dynamics: Foster open, trusting team environments for transformative collaboration.

Custom retreats? Absolutely! We cater to your group’s unique aspirations.

Sample Day:

7am-9am: Breakfast and wellness time

9am-12pm: Working time (Deep dive questions, group think, developing your vision board, sharing)

12pm-2pm: Lunch and wellness time

2pm-5pm: Working time (group coaching session, developing roadmap from vision board, closing reflection)

Evening: Each participant picks an evening’s activities:  anything from dinner on the beach, horse and buggy tour, home-cooked meal with game night to tarot card readings. The choice is entirely yours!

What People Are Saying:

“Elise is a powerful leader, dynamic facilitator, and highly effective coach.”

“I highly recommend working with Elise. Run, don't walk to work with her!”

“I am definitely going to continue working with Elise, our relationship has completely transformed my life. I highly recommend working with her.”

For a life-changing journey, visit for a free consult.

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