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From Vision to Reality: A new Offering!

The Sinha Group is proud to offer online learning modules! We have created unique programs that combine a holistic approach with rich content, organizational psychology and self-coaching techniques to help you grow your skills, elevate your mind and reach new goals. We give you real-life scenarios with a toolkit of tips, tricks and strategies. You will explore yourself while learning new processes. 

Our first offering is “From Vision to Reality”. This module gives you a concrete roadmap to achieving whatever you dream up. We add in how your mind can help and hinder these visions along with self-coaching questions to keep you on track. We also teach you about goal-setting, change management, milestones and so much more.

These programs are online and come with workbooks to keep you aligned with the learnings. They are at your own pace, and even the light “homework” is thought-provoking and eye-opening.

Once you complete the program, you will receive a certificate to share with your employer or resume. It’s a great way to keep in the learning zone!

To learn more and register for this course, please go to  And stay tuned for more learning modules including “Emotional Intelligence” and “Leading with Vulnerability”. We look forward to seeing you there!

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