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Part 3: The Power of Leading with Inclusion

This week we further our conversation with Diversity and Inclusion expert, Sarah Lewis. Sarah is the Vice President of Equity at Hartford Healthcare and has been my mentor in all things DEIB. I asked Sarah about leaders she has had that created inclusive spaces and lead with inclusivity throughout her career. This question made her light up and share the impactful ways strong leaders helped pave her way.

Elise: What lessons have you learned from inclusive leaders you have had?

Sarah: Leaders who have made space for me:

  • See people for the work they do and with curiosity, the passion and performance. Not that they “fill a box”

  • Keep a very open mind and look outside the box. Look for the whole alphabet

  • Be vulnerable- If someone else does something better than you, embrace that

  • Be a listener and stay in the moment

  • Remember that people are coming from different backgrounds, languages, cultures, religions- and that is something to be celebrated

  • The beauty of the multi-hued team is such a strength

  • Stop the weaponization of these cultures

  • Honor the journey to speak up

Thank you Sarah- words to live by. I love the simplicity and the power of these lessons, and how they work together to create a better environment. How do you lead with inclusion?

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