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Coming in 2024... Enhanced Women’s Circles

Are you like me? In the winter months, I tend to hibernate. There is less socializing, fewer events, and more reasons to stay home. I get very good at lounging on the couch with a fire going. And while it’s a good thing to slow down and rest, it can also become isolating. I need social interactions- it fills my cup, feeds my soul and lifts my spirits.

Today more than ever, women are experiencing loneliness and isolation. Our Women’s Coaching Circles have created spaces for combatting isolation and allowing deep-dive self-discovery. These women have found self-acceptance, more confidence, and purpose.

For 2024, we are taking the coaching circle concept, and elevating it based on experience and client feedback. Here is a sneak-peek at what’s coming!

New content for 2024 Women’s Circles:

• Finding your purpose

• Vulnerability-based leadership

• Leading with empathy

• Tackling self-confidence

• Showing up boldly

• Positive self-talk

• How small steps can lead to big results

• Leveraging your community to live more authentically

In addition, we will have enhanced deep-dive questions to kick-start self-discovery and deep thinking about values, fear, courage and passions.

We will continue to use the Marco Polo app to discuss topics between sessions, and these remain open for community and sharing post-circles. Some of the circles have even chosen to extend their circles and attend a retreat. The possibilities are endless.

These circles have proven to create lasting relationships, new paths forward, and a renewed sense of self-acceptance and love.

Here are some statements from participants:

“I cannot begin to express my gratitude for being a part of the fall coaching circle. I look forward to it each week, which has helped me stay positive and think about things differently.”

“I really love these sessions and the women in my circle are awesome! I can’t believe how well we were matched in this circle. I am learning so much each session.”

“These circles have been powerful for me. The facilitation is spot-on, and I feel so connected to the other members. I appreciate learning from them each week. These sessions are a highlight for me.”

The winter sessions will run from January 29 through March 29. To sign up or get more information, go to Coaching Circles | The Sinha Group

We hope to see you there!

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