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From Vision To Reality

This past week I have the privilege to lead a deep dive retreat AND attend The Life Coach School’s Mastermind Retreat in Dallas. So much was learned, explored, discovered and felt during these 5 days. It will take me some time to unpack and share all that I learned, but I want to start with a common theme that crept into every day and ever session: how do we make our goals and dreams real?

Whether it’s new coaches who are leaving their jobs to start as entrepreneurs and starting their businesses or how to achieve more in your current career, the question is the same and the emotions are strong. I don’t know how to do this? What if I mess up? What if I fail? I’m afraid!

Over my career, I’ve learned how to take an idea and make it a reality in numerous situations: achieve an integrated health record, create coordinated clinical care redesign, bring a large hospital into an integrated system, and even serve the community through a global pandemic. And finally, how to leave that world and start my own coaching business.

It’s not just a corporate activity. How about becoming an artist, a pickle-ball player, a musician, a world traveler? Those can be visions that we want to make a reality.

Here’s the truth: You can do ANYTHING you want. You have the smarts, the power, and the drive. The only thing that will hold you back is YOU. Your mind and your feelings about yourself can be your success factor AND your downfall.

I have three buckets of success to help you turn your vision into reality that have served me over and over again. These are large buckets, and each bucket has so much content in it that guides you:

1. Manage Your Mind: Your mind needs constant attention and nurturing during this journey. It can be scary, risky, it will certainly be uncomfortable! Your mind will go to dark places and dig up past insecurities. Whether you self-coach the ups and downs or engage with a professional coach, managing the deep thoughts and corners of your mind will be the single biggest factor for your success.

2. Positive Psychology: Learning to holding space for yourself and being intentional about how you show up for yourself on this journey is critical. Loving yourself and giving grace along the way is paramount. Having methods and discipline will clear the emotional path for you as you experience all the new things.

3. Tools and Processes: Using some simple project tools will help you stay on track, keep your mind on the concrete, and guide you in a way that allows space, productivity and sequencing. You don’t need a Project Management certification, but weaving in some simple tools to keep you organized and limit blind spots will go a long way to ensuring success.

The retreat I lead last week was all about this- turning the vision of starting a coaching business into reality for my clients. In order to do this, they had to go deep into their thoughts and feelings, decide intentionality about showing up even when it gets hard or scary, and they learned the tools to manage the process of entrepreneurship. It was seriously hard work, and so very rewarding!

Do you have a vision you want to realize? Join me for the Vision to Reality 8-week course. This virtual discovery space will bring like- minded visionaries together to explore themselves, learn how to navigate the processes, gain great tools, and learn from each other in a psychologically safe space. No vision is too big or small, too tame or wild. And you will get expert coaching throughout the 8 weeks.

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