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Lessons from Coaching Circles

Last week we wrapped up our inaugural Women’s Summer Coaching Circles. I am celebrating and reflecting on their impact. I have been blown away by the powerful conversations, sense of community and dreaming big from these women. We covered so many topics from being a working mom, the male-dominated workplace, and how to mentor women up in leadership roles.

One of the most gratifying parts of the circles was watching the trust, safety and vulnerability evolve. It happened at different paces, but overall, so much faster than I had anticipated! We used a video app to share thoughts in between our meetings and to answer deep-dive questions about ourselves. The conversations were fluid, and the momentum for deep thinking built off of each session and video.

There were powerful outcomes. Some learned how to love and appreciate themselves and all they do. Some found deep desires and passions they had not allowed or acknowledged before. Some make big decisions on their career paths- to stay, to apply, to start something new.

As I said, I have been blown away by the journey. But don’t take it from me- here are what the circle members had to say:

I love this group. I don’t’ have a lot of safe spaces in my life with women where I can be this vulnerable. These dreams have been so deep inside of me. It’s wonderful to bring them out.”

“I really look forward to this meeting each week. I appreciate that it is a very safe space to verbalize things I don’t usually feel comfortable to talk about. Being able to verbalize these thoughts have been a huge step forward. I usually don’t share a lot, but in this space I have been. I’m showing up as my true self. It’s been so valuable.”

“These meetings are the highlight of my week. I don’t want them to end!”

“I learn so much from my fellow circle members and these questions have changed my perspective and thinking on the different parts of my life.”

“This has been hugely valuable. You all have become friends and confidants, which is just awesome. The level of intimacy and honesty is a bright spot for my week.”

“This experience has opened my thinking, shown me new possibilities and changed my life!

Powerful, right? Their words took my breath away. As I reflect on the coaching circles, here are some lessons I learned throughout the journey:

  • Women are eager for a safe place to explore their lives, hopes, frustrations and dreams

  • Bonding happens quickly and is powerful

  • Women are yearning for supportive women leaders in the workforce, at a time when so many women are leaving the corporate world

  • Fatigue is real and shows up in many ways: exhaustion, intolerance, loneliness, sadness, restlessness to name a few

  • We get ideas and inspiration from hearing other’s stories

  • Self-discovery is new, and take time to build the muscle. But when it happens, look out!

  • Hot topics take on a life of their own: How I was treated once and how I have standards now, how I rise above the (politics, inequities, etc.), what I would like to do to live my most purposeful life.

I encourage you to join our Fall Circles- for yourself today, your future self, and to uncover what’s been hidden inside you for so long. It’s a rewarding journey, and it’s waiting for you.

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